The Beekeeper

The War God’s blade was sundered in ages long past - it’s scattered shards infecting the world with a violent intent. Many have been chosen to reunite the godly weapon and cure the realm, yet all have fallen - blinded by the weapon’s power or twisted into tyrants.

Now the task falls to a creature called the Beekeeper. Armed with a shard of the blade she begins a journey across the magical realm of Neer, pursued by the agents of a malevolent warlord. Can the Beekeeper heal both the blade and this a war-torn world, or will the sword of the gods fall into the hands of a megalomaniac?

The Beekeeper's Tale is the creation of Ben Fleuter, who has been creating webcomics since 2005. Ben likes to tell stories of strange worlds and the ways people have adapted to them. His previous webcomic, The Sword Interval, is a completed modern-fantasy about monster hunters.