Okay so now I'm off to Small Press Expo, so again no page this week. That's my bad. I'm still getting the hang of having a webcomic on the schedule again. This will stabilize with time.


Hey folks! No page this Monday as I'm at Tucson Comic Con for three days in a row, and traveling to Small Press Expo soon.


Welcome to The Beekeeper’s Tale!

It’s been almost two years since I finished my last webcomic and I’m finally back with this new fantasy story about a little sprite with a big destiny. During this launch week, I’ll be posting three pages (today, Wednesday, and Friday). After that we'll be going down to Monday updates. If the Patreon reaches its next goal I’ll be able to update more often. For now though, I need to spend that extra time on freelance work.

It’s been too long, gang. I’m excited to be sharing webcomics with you again.